Last Wednesday on a local radio station, the host for more than an hour focused on the deplorable statistics that over the last 10 years Blacks had killed 60,000 Black persons, 50,000 males and 10,000 females. These statistics left me angry, shocked and saddened. It even had me questioning God, asking why? I don’t personally know the commentator so I question whether these statistics were put on the air for ratings or was it from a genuine concern.

On occasion I listen to “talk shows” [take note not program] and too frequently it brings out the hostilities of racism, bigotry and out and out hatred of people, particularly Blacks. It is disturbing to say the least when Blacks make up roughly 13 percent of the population and 53 percent of those incarcerated. A record number of young Black males drop out of high school, and there are a staggering number of single parent homes. The police state that Blacks refuse to cooperate with them when a crime is committed, even when they are in the hospital wounded they cuss the investigating officers. Drug use and drug dealing run rampart in predominate Black communities. The percentage of Black on Black crimes is astronomical. All of the aforementioned negative acts are detrimental and unacceptable to Blacks, but just saying that is unacceptable, because the causes of theses acts must be addressed and corrected. It is my personal belief that contrary to what the White media would have people believe 85 percent of Black men have never been arrested.

It has always been a conviction of mine that two wrongs definitely do not make a right, but since we are quoting negative statistics allow me to quote some appalling negative statistics and acts performed by White people that make the acts by some Blacks look like boy scouts. Since the local commentator only went back 10 years I will use the same time frame or less. Since the year 2006 25 White mass murderers have executed people and seven mass killings took place in 2012. There have been 82 mass murders since 1982. There is no ongoing discussion about the unbelievable actions of Whites who commit white-collar crime, Enron—$1 billion, World Com—$3.8 billion, Stanford—$8 billion. And let us not forget Bernard Madoff—$65 billion. These are just a few of those white-collar thieves. Each of these has stolen more money individually than all of the Blacks that are incarcerated for robbing and stealing.

Allow me to address some of the causes that have such a tremendous negative effect on too many Blacks. The number one cause is poverty. The unemployment rate throughout Allegheny County is staggering. The almost nonexistent opportunity for Blacks or women to obtain contracts has been ongoing for 75 years and I see very limited change on the horizon. A Black person who is represented by a public defender generally has an attorney who has such a backlog he is compelled to advise you to plead guilty, whether you are guilty or not. If the Black male is unable to work it creates a situation in the home that the family overwhelmingly becomes dysfunctional. The overwhelming use of drugs becomes so prevalent because some have no sense of self-esteem and turn to something synthetic, drugs or alcohol.

I remember a television serial where the mob boss said that drugs are a form of poison, but so what, sell it to the monkeys [Blacks]. I was a narcotics detective and I know for a fact that police departments overwhelmingly agreed with the mob boss that drugs were a “colored” problem. The main reason drugs wound up in White neighborhoods is because drugs are no respecter of persons.

A record number of Black are denied an opportunity to work on a decent job and once you get arrested it’s more difficult, a second time nearly impossible and a third time forget about obtaining a job. A lot of these persons were convinced to plead guilty, because they were advised to.

(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)


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