Bill Neal

:10 There’s a price to pay for cheating on your wife…not that I would know…I’ve never cheated! But clearly there must be and I guess it’s a number game. So the game must be this. For every woman you cheated with, that’s how many majors you have to lose before you can win again. Hey Tiger, I guess you got about “25” more losses coming. Hey, don’t blame me. I don’t make the rules. I just pass them along.

:09 Somebody please give me a call when you find the heavyweight division in pro boxing!

:08 You know how I’ve always got some smart xxx comment to make about women? Well, here’s a little laundry list for the fellas. And long overdue I might add.

1. If it don’t fit, don’t force it. Man, take your lazy behind to Gab’s and buy a shirt that fits!

2. I told ‘ya before and it’s still true, wearing sunglasses inside is just stupid and shows your true lack of confidence.

3. Let “Shaq” and “Magic” wear the striped shirts and plaid ties…YOU – CAN’T – DO – IT – MMMAAANNN!!!

4. Here’s a two-for-one that I know the ladies will thank you for. Trust me on this one. Check the breath, and often. And I know some of you don’t know, but now you know…You – must – beware – of – “B.O.” That’s body odor fella…Hear me on this one!

5. Last, but not least, gentlemen, please watch your language around ladies. “Cussin doesn’t make you more man…it makes you less than!”
:07 The University of Pittsburgh and the ACC Boys and Girls, it just doesn’t get any better than that. We’re now in the Big Time. But guess what? So are the expectations.

:06 Movie Review Time. Oh please. Just shut-up and take it like the man you claim to be. And I am not even going to sell you on this. If you don’t go see “20 Feet From Stardom” you quite simply will miss the picture of the year. It’s about the legendary background singers of the ’60s and ’70s. You will thank me for this! I give it 4 basketballs.

:05 OK, so if what I said about “Tiger” is not true, why does Phil Mickelson keep winning? Because he flies all over the country, tournament or not, to take care of his sick wife and he doesn’t miss his kid’s school plays. I’m just sayin!

:04 Si…Sir Pedro Alvarez…not so easy winning the All-Star Home Run Derby. Hey Pittsburgh haters, does the name Barry Bonds ring a bell?

:03 Know how you’re always complaining that your kids “get on your last nerve?” Well, I am just trying to help you hear. Sign the brat…I mean the little darlin, in the Armon Gilliam Memorial “Hard Work” Basketball Camp and watch the difference when they come back home after we put the “Old School My Way or the Highway” on them. August 3 and 4 at the Penn Hills YMCA. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. sharp each day – lunch – skills and drills – games – t-shirt – life lessons – lectures – and supervision and instructions by some of the area’s top basketball minds – and it’s only $25 for the entire weekend – are you kidding me or what! Don’t do it for me…you’re the one trying to save “your last nerve”! Only nineteen spots left. You better call now. 412-628-4856 (for boys and girls ages 8-16 years old). (And tell ‘em we call it hard work for a reason…they’re gonna hurt, but they’ll be better for it!…big smile) Armon “The Hammer” we love ya and we miss ya!!!

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