The second factor that might prompt New England Head Coach Bill Belichick to dust off the ole video camera was the arrest of the Patriots other tight end, Aaron Hernandez who was detained and eventually charged with allegedly being a co-conspirator in multiple homicides. All of those multiple motion and misdirection plays that have dominated the Patriots offensive game plan in the past may have now been reduced to slow motion. See, folks the way the “Swami” looks at it when any of us does and promotes foul deeds then the chickens will always come home to roost and in most cases their stomachs will be full as they prepare to poo-poo all over you. Do you believe in ghosts’? Do you believe in what goes around might stop in your area? Let’s get to the question of; do you believe in ghosts’? former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Donnie Shell was a true “ghost buster” as he personally helped remove the rattling of the “skeleton” of losing from the closet of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Shell was the type of guy that you might not want to run into in the middle of an alley, in the middle of the night showing all of his teeth in a wicked smile armed with the X-ray vision and a steel forearm. The Steelers seem to have maybe found a formula to rekindle some of the past glory of their storied past by selecting former Syracuse DB Shamarko Thomas. Thomas was drafted in the fourth round by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the second chair in the 2013 season at strong safety backing up Troy Polamalu. Thomas is a thick short defender with a Donnie Shell like attitude who will hit and attack anything that moves; never taking in consideration the new “Red Bow” and pink dress policy of the NFL.

When All-World defensive back Donnie Shell patrolled the sacred waters of the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive backfield the motto of the Steelers defense was; “kill and let die.”

The Steelers cannot rely on “swagger” in order to bring home the bacon in 2013, they must make their offensive opponents “stagger” back to the huddle or the sidelines with little or no will to continue. Shamarko Thomas must be part of the what-goes-around-comes-around team. No missed tackle can be taken for granted. Every unnecessary roughness call, or illegal contact infraction does nothing for Pittsburgh. All infractions are is a distraction and an opportunity to move the chains forward for the opposing squad.

The Pittsburgh Steelers cannot afford to rely on the aura of past success to intimidate or influence the competitive spirit that takes place on the gridiron.

The ghosts’ of Joe Green and Dwight White and cannot make one tackle or sack one quarterback. The goblins of times past cannot run for or catch a touchdown.

There is a new day to look forward to by the Pittsburgh Steelers and their faithful. There is no hiding place from the glare of success or failure.

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