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I have grown weary as I am sure many NFL fans have of picking up the daily paper or reading the latest blog profiling another athlete being accused or convicted of using performance enhancing drugs.

The latest culprits accused of violating the league’s illegal drug use policies are former Steelers and current Indy Colts tight end Weslye Saunders and free agent receiver Bert Reed. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell could eliminate Illegal drug usage immediately. He could say listen if anyone is caught using performance enhancing or any other illegal drugs then they will have to abide by the “two strikes and you’re out” policy. Strike one, warn the player without a suspension or fine. Strike two, expel the player permanently, no exceptions. No more third chances.

Blogger Baudilio6 had this to say about the current situation. “Steelers 100 percent & always…but did it bother anyone else that the great ’70s run may have been steroid fuel’d. Different era, much less a news item back then, but the Steelers did seem to pioneer the crazy-strong offensive linemen [familiar] with the power lifting culture. Kolb, Webster, Courson.”

Greatness may sometimes be tainted but in these days the more chances and appeals that a player is given the more chances that athlete they have to evade detection. If a player is not good enough to compete honestly then I humbly suggest that they get on with their life’s work. All of the geniuses that cover the NFL promoted Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders after the man who sat in the first chair for Pittsburgh bailed to the sunny shores of the Miami Dolphins. Duh, of course when you are the third man on the totem pole and the first chair “gets ghost” then the second fiddle becomes the first banana and so on.

Although he has some big shoes to fill, Sanders seems to be up for the task. “They’re expecting 70 catches for 1,000 yards, and that’s the same thing that I expect for myself.” We shall see won’t we? when you become one of the featured guys often times your vibe as well as the vibe of the opposing defenders changes. No longer are you a decoy because the target on your back becomes humongous.
Two things caught the New England Patriots as well as the rest of the professional football world by surprise. the first being big, strong New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowsi seems less like to get stoned in a Chinese Bistro and more prone to be more like a fragile China doll. The All-Pro tight end first broke his left forearm last November, and broke it again in the first quarter of the playoff game against Houston in January. He underwent a third operation in February when an infection developed. That surgery was necessary to change the metal plate which had been inserted in Gronkowski’s arm.

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