Accident Scene (Courier Photo/J.L. Martello)


by J.L. Martello

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it was a Ford Ranger truck that went barreling at least 30 feet through the air, over the Cross Town Boulevard Bridge, landing on its wheels on Second Avenue, Downtown, last evening. Three of the four passengers, who have not been identified, were able to get out. The driver was stuck and all were later taken to local hospitals, where they are in serious condition, but are expected to recover.

According to a witness, who did not want to be identified, she “heard metal falling down and then the truck just came airborne over the overpass. Seeing the truck coming down was like something out of a movie.”

While the investigation into what happened is still ongoing, it has been reported that the truck went through a fence of a dead-end sidewalk and hit metal beams of the bridge before falling approximately 40 feet and hitting the street below.


Charles Blanchard, owner of Freedom Fast Bail Bonds, ran to the scene to help out and kept the driver awake by keeping him talking. (Courier Photo/J.L. Martello)


Charles Blanchard, owner of Freedom Fast Bail Bonds, a business near where the incident occurred, said he was in his office when he heard the truck hit the street. He came outside when an employee had informed him a car had fallen from the sky. “I just wanted to hurry up and get up there to see what help I could offer. I was shocked, but not shocked enough to waste time.”

Blanchard kept the driver awake by talking with him. He said he had been going in and out of consciousness.

Pittsburgh Police Commander Scott Schubert said, “All you need to do is look back there and see they are very fortunate that they’re alive. We will have our investigators go through the whole scenario and determine what caused the crash and go from there.”

When asked about the condition of the bridge and if it’s safe enough for repairs, Schubert said PennDot would be notified and that inspectors would have to come out to inspect it, but that there did not appear to be much damage.

Michael Huss, Pittsburgh Public Safety Director, said, “Thank God there wasn’t anyone walking down here. If it was a couple of hours ago, you know there are a lot of pedestrians walking here.”



 Commander Scott Schubert speaks to reporters with Public Safety Director Michael Huss and District  EMS Chief  Steve Carlston standing behind him. (Courier Photo/J.L. Martello)




Police investigating crash scene. (Courier Photo/J.L. Martello)


Ford Ranger and the overpass it fell from. (Courier Photo/J.L. Martello)



Ford Ranger after it fell 40 feet and detectives putting the pieces together. (Courier Photo/J.L. Martello)

Ford Ranger after it fell 40 plus feet (Courier Photo/J.L. Martello)


Scene at the top of the overpass. (Courier Photo/J.L. Martello)





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