Summertime is such a nostalgic time of year. The thoughts of summer conjure up all kinds of fun things to do and you can do them all right here in Pittsburgh. This is not an expensive list; some of these fun activities can be done for close to free.

When is the last time you caught a lighting bug? That used to be so much fun. Now that I’m thinking of it when is the last time you saw a lighting bug? Have they been eaten by Stinkbugs perhaps? Make a note of that; look for fireflies.

Here is something we can do, ride a roller coaster. I prefer a wooden one. I like the sound of the click, clack as it goes up the track. Kennywood has one of the best, the Thunderbolt. While you are at Kennywood try to win a prize by playing Skeet Ball or one of your favorite games.

Go to the beach and build a sandcastle and when you are finished let’s go for some of that good Summer time food. Pick berries and peaches at a farm; buy a Creamsicle from an ice cream truck. One has been passing my house, but each time I hear the bells they are too far up the street for me to catch it. Sip a glass of sweet tea, if you can’t make your own some of that McDonalds sweet tea will do just fine. Bring home the tea and put it in your own frosted glass.

Eat a slice of watermelon or make a watermelon cocktail. Watermelon is so refreshing. Did you know that watermelon can help with sleepless nights and according to our digital daily edition it may help with ED (erectile dysfunction), who knew? Don’t let the summer get away before you have a cook out in your own back yard, buy fresh produce at a farmers market. We have a lot in the city of Pittsburgh; there should be one in your neighborhood.

Eat corn on the cob. My friend Vikki told me I can fix fresh corn on the cob in the microwave. I haven’t tried it yet, but I always liked to boil it with a little sugar in the water. Make lemonade from scratch and put it in a glass pitcher, roast marshmallows over a fire and make s’mores.

Enjoy the outdoors, find a restaurant that has an outdoor space, have a picnic in the park, rent a bike or a Segway, toss a Frisbee. If the evening is a cool one sleep with the windows open, go and see the Pirates play. Go to a summer concert outdoors; bring a blanket and some fruit to munch on. Go to the movies and see a summer blockbuster, read a good book, walk barefoot through the sand and smell freshly cut grass.

Before you know it the summer will be over and we will be wishing for the warm sun on our face. This is mid-July before long the Halloween displays will be on the shelves. Run quick and enjoy your summer.

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