Like the Beatles the Pirates were accustomed to winning at the gate and on the field but things were about to change.

According to the University Center for Social and Urban Research (UCSUR); “From 1960-1980 the population of Allegheny County decreased 10.9 %”  From 1980-2000 [there was an additional] 11.7% [population loss.]”  Hey, check this out; for forty years from 1960-2000 the regional fan base for the Pirates shrunk 21.6% along with the with the fact of “racial disenfranchisement” for Whites and evolving decrease of African American fan support.  Combine all of those factors and that is the perfect recipe for fiscal disaster.  

If it wasn’t for the overlooked efforts of former majority owner Kevin McClatchy,  there would most likely be no PNC Park or a team to play there because as well all know or should have known the bags of the Buc’s were packed and sitting on the platform at the train station waiting for the last train going to “Mudville.” “

Run, Run, run but you sure can’t hide.”

Would you folks please consider this? The financial woes of the Pittsburgh market did not go unnoticed by the rest of the MLB franchises that’s why all of baseball could wait like “crows on a fence” for the Buc’s to sign and develop talent because everyone knew that once talent was developed Pittsburgh did not have the financial reservoir to retain those future stars.  

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

As far as trades go the Pirates were giving away kidneys, livers and hearts, vital components for success in exchange for a few corneas, retinas, a molar here and a wisdom tooth there.

As you all should know; if you lose an eye or your eyesight you can get glasses or in a worst case scenario a seeing eye dog or be forced to learn Braille.  When your kidneys, liver or heart ceases to function your doctor visits end and you will most likely make your one and only visit to the coroner.

“The only safe place to live is on an Indian reservation.”   

The talent of the Buc’s would have better off hidden on an Indian reservation to keep them safe from the “vultureristic” capitalist’s of the MLB ownership groups. The ex-management of the Pirates killed their success by selling off in house developed athletes and promising minor league players for “future prospects.”

“Vote for me and I’ll set you free. Rap on brother, rap on. The only person talkin bout love thy brother is the preacher; and it seems nobody’s intrested in learning but the teacher.  GM after GM of the Pirates promised and preached future success knowing that in the high financed MLB market where the players were getting the moon and finely aged cheese, all the Pirates had to offer was “Cheese Whiz.”

“And the band played on.”   

Enter GM Neil Huntington and Pirates skipper Clint Hurdle. They are not singing the same ole song and preaching the same ole sermon because they aren’t waiting on change,they are change.  No longer are bargain basement deals waiting in the Pittsburgh.  The Pirates are making the deals.

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