:10 You know how that alert notice that comes on TV in the middle of the night when you’re watching TV and it makes you pay attention? Well, pretend like that’s happening right now. ALERT… ALERT… ALERT! This just in: Not only does “Brother Roy” of Rankin heritage, belong to the “Know it all Club” as an official member, but he is now “In the Locker Room” with the great and President Eddie Jefferies, Dwight Law, Roland Slade, my old man and many others. Here’s the point. Roy’s preseason unofficial prediction for your Pittsburgh Steelers upcoming season is a 9-7 record. If you didn’t know…now you know…holler!

:09 The Miami Heat won the NBA title…Next!

:08 To the man who invented the black stretch that all women wear these days… may God truly bless you! (C’mon you all know a man had to be the inventor. Have you been on the South Side lately? Wow…wow…and wow!)

:07 Yvonne Morris, yeah, girl we go way back. I appreciate all you did to help Champions get where it’s at. We couldn’t have done it without you. (Well, we could have, but that’s a nice thing for me to say.) Anyway, your reward is…you’re now “In the Locker Room” for being a dedicated reader…Boom!

:06 If you own the Washington Redskins and you know the name offends Native Americans and you still won’t change the name, you are, in fact, not only a greedy, uncaring capitalist, but yes, you are a little bit racist. I am just saying.

:05 Former Boston Celtic Coach “Doc” Rivers is the new coach of the L.A. Clippers. Two things. Lakers you better go get Phil Jackson. You better go find the rest of your game!

:04 Here’s a heartfelt and glorious celebration to Coach Karen Hall and the recent passing of her beloved mother. God Bless you Mom! Coach Hall…one of the best people in the world. We love ya, Coach.

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