:10 Last week the NFL lost one of its greatest ever players and most certainly one of the 10 greatest D-Lineman of all time. The creator of the head slap, Deacon Jones died of natural causes at the much too young age of 74. Anybody that knew “The Deacon” will tell you it wasn’t all natural causes. The man lived life large…all legal…but large! I know because I had the pleasure and privilege to have interviewed him about 25 years ago, when he was in town to do a “Lite Beer” promo. My first major assignment for the New Pittsburgh Courier, given to me by “The President” of the Know It All Club and my writing mentor Eddie Jeffries. (All I can tell ya without getting head slapped from above is, yes there were women when I got there…4 to be exact! Like I said, natural causes!)

:09 You gonna believe me or what your lying eyes told ya last night? The Spurs will beat the Heat in seven like I said. (Please God get Fred Crawford off my xxx!)

:08 Fred…Fred…yo Fred!!! The Pudding Lady’s phone number MMMMAAAANNNN!

:07 Sneak Movie of the Year, Trust me on this. Have I ever steered you wrong on the reviews? The answer is no! “Now You See Me,” starring Morgan Freeman, Woody Harrelson and Mark Ruffalo. Little promo and hype…great movie. See it now. 3 1/2 stars.

:06 Trivia question for you. (No I’m not doing this every week. Just enjoy the moment.) Name the two Black men who graduated from high school together and made history becoming the first Black NBA coach and the first Black MLB manager? This is amazing stuff. Answer at the end.

:05 Hey Manu Ginobili, you’re killing us man. We…Us…the Spurs, can’t beat the Heat if you’re playing for them. C’mon man.

:04 This is long overdue, but here’s to my #1 fan and weekly Courier reader J.M.W. AKA Joy Maxberry Woodruff. She’s not only in the locker room she reads the column every week…unlike Rita…what?

:03 I interviewed Bill Russell about five years ago when he was in town for the Sports History Center. (Yeah I sit on the board of directors. I keep trying to tell you people…I-AM-SOME-BODY!!) Anyway, he said then that LeBron would end up being the greatest off all time. Aw, what does Bill Russell know?

:02 Champions Connie Hawkins Youth Basketball League Tournament coming up in a few weeks. Still looking for boys’ teams, 14 and under. Call 412-628-4856.

:01 If you don’t know by now, the Highland Park Tennis Club provides free tennis clinics every Saturday morning at the Highland Park Courts from 9:30-11 a.m. for boys, girls and grown folks, too. And it’s free ya’ll! Now stop saying there’s nothing for my kids to do. If they can swing a racquet, they’re old enough to come. Champion Enterprises is proud to partner with HPTC in this program. Now get your lazy butt down there…Now… No not next week, now!

:00 The Par-Tay continues June 28, Champions and the United Rays Corvette Club present Harlem Nights with the Legend Sly Jock; 3 Lakes Golf Club 8 p.m.-1 a.m.-Free Parking-Cash Bar & Kitchen-50/50-Vendors wanted and welcomed-Benefits Champion’s Safe Summer Programs-call 412-628-4856 for more info. Leave your e-mail and we’ll blast ya.

:00 Double Overtime—The answer to the trivia question is Bill Russell and Frank Robinson. Now all you Know It Alls…that don’t know it all…Shut Up!

Game over


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