:06 I told you the Pacers would give the Heat all they can handle, but as of this writing… King James will go “zone” on Indy and the show will be the Heat and the Spurs. And that you can take to the bank!
:05 You think I am not putting “Vacation Dude’s” Top Ten NBA Player List in cause I am     scared it might be better than mine. Wrong! I am telling ya the truth, I can’t find the damn list. Just hold on. And while you’re holding… yes, the Old Timers Championship photo is on the way too. People, I am only one man!
:04 The Bucs take out the Reds in the 11th to avoid being swept by the division rivals while posting their 17th comeback victory this season. Yes boys and girls, there is a Santa Claus and the Pirates are for real.
:03 Word to the wise, and to the dumb. Homophobic comments, no matter when and where you make them will cost you. Just ask Pacer’s big man Roy Hibbert how he feels $75,000 lighter in the pocket.
:02 Speaking of the Pacers… and I was, if you were paying attention, Paul George is the real deal. Super star coming at ya!
:01 We’re turning the corner with “Harlem Nights” every last Friday. Over 100 Old School Party People packed 3 Lakes Country Club last Friday as the living legend Sly Jock worked his magic. Roland Ford, the Line Dance King, brought his crew and Bill Ford and the Ballroom Dancers represented big time. But you know the Par-Tay ain’t a Par-Tay without the United Rays Corvette Club. “It was on like popcorn” up in there and the boogie continues June 29 with a special Penn Hills Eagle track team salute, buffet spread, Sly Jock and a band. Get your coins out, this one’s gonna cost ya 20 big ones. Come on city folks, $20s ain’t gonna hurt you. Cut back on the Big Mac meals… I am just saying!
Ring… Ring… RRRiiinnnggg… Hello, Smitty’s Bar and Grill. You stab-em, we’ll slab-em! Who? Naw man, ain’t no big girls here!


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