:10 The question comes to me over and over and over, as well it should. After all, I am the OVERTIME MAN…man! How can the Miami Heat destroy the Indiana Pacers one day and then get destroyed the next? Simple. It’s all about match up. Some teams just match up better than others. For example, in another arena, Muhammad Ali beat everybody and their mother and predicted the round on top of that. But Ken Norton gave Ali fits. Tyson scared everybody but Evander Holyfield. And you know the Pirates can’t do a thing with the Brewers… sometimes it’s just match ups.

:09 Sometimes you get the “Tiger” and sometimes the Tiger gets you. Don’t sweat the little tournaments. His focus is on the major majors.
:08    Alright, I am gonna tell it cause I know none of you won’t. And I don’t mind telling it either. Look, I am a big man, been a big man all my life. Come from big stock. Cornbread, Yams, Mac & Cheese, Ribs and such. So I know what it’s like to be big. Hell, I played D-tackle at 297 pounds (yea, and played it well too so shut-up!) Anyway, back to my point… as I said, I can relate so if the shoe fits don’t take it personal… just put it on! Big girls… yo big girls… yes, big mama’s, I am talking to you. We see you coming. We know you’re in the room. You – don’t – need – to – shout – it – out with blonde, blonde, blonde hair. Nor do you have to wear a rainbow of colors. And this need you have to wear the black tights five sizes too small just amazes me… actually us. It ain’t just me, but “the others” are scared to say anything. And last and certainly not least, if you can bend over and not see where the end of your dress is, that means it’s too short mmmmaaaannnn! Just remember, the two most important big girl rules. No. 1 – One size don’t fit all. No. 2 – Don’t get it twisted… everybody can’t be “Monique”! Holler!!! Please send your concerns and complaints to Smitty’s Bar and Grill, c/o Smitty.
:07 I can’t make this any clearer. From 1975 to 1990, Bobby Byrd was the most dominant one/two guard in Western Pa., and he proved it everywhere he played, from the Connie Hawkins League to the Due Brown 5th Avenue League, to Brookville and every other     tournament in a five state radius. As a matter of fact, in 1979, when he went toe to toe with the great Norm Nixon in the heat of the Hawkins League, he was probably the best all around guard in Pittsburgh and that included Pitt, Duquesne and Robert Morris. Curtis Aiken, Chip Harris, Mark McCloud, Bum Coates, Ron McCrae, Petey Harris, Hosea Champaine… say what?!? Now somebody run tell that… oh don’t worry, here’s the number 412- 628-4856! I know you ganna call on this one.

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