Many years ago I did a radio talk show on licenses for parents. The majority of the callers tried to tear me apart. Some callers felt that a parent should not have a license to have a child. I beg to differ. So many people are not mentally stable to raise another human being.
This topic has crossed my mind so many times since that show so long ago. I’ve been listening to some horrific stories in the news. Some parents, guardians and adults who have been left in charge of children are not fit to watch an animal. Just last week I was listening to a story about a man who chained a young boy to the table because he would not eat his food. This same man had also choked the sister of the young boy. Then there are so many stories where mothers have left a so-called boyfriend in charge of her children while she goes off to work only to come home and find her child has been beaten to death.
It is amazing to me who people will let in their life and into their home with their precious children. I was listening to a talk show and found that some women are meeting men online who they really don’t know and allowing that person to come into their home. In many cases they don’t know the background of the person or even know their last name. Reportedly some ladies have met men on prison websites and invited them to live with them once they are paroled. “Ladies, do you need a man that bad?”
And then there was the story about the parents who put their child in the back of the pickup truck in the same crate as the dog. According to the news reports, the dog was crying for the child and there was not enough room in the front of the truck for the parents, dog and child so they put the child in the back with dog. Are you kidding me? I’ve only had one dog in my life and I believe the dog was crying because it was in the crate, period, end of story. They say as soon as the 10-year-old child joined the dog in the crate the dog stopped whining.  Someone riding behind the truck saw the dog and the child on lock down and called 911. The mother and her boyfriend were arrested for child endangerment. Their defense: “the child wanted to ride with the dog.” I don’t know if this mom really needs to have a dog or a child. Let the dog cry until you get there and stay out of the news.
The last thing on my mind is these young men still wearing sagging pants. On my way home I saw a chubby White man on his way to deliver pizza and his pants were sagging so bad he could barely balance the pizza while trying to pull up the pants. The style is nasty and I hate it. So ask me how I really feel.
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