Sully said that Annison couldn’t be trusted, which is something Charly learned quick. Liam accidentally kissed Charly, which may not have been accidental and which made Mason jealous. In a matter of weeks, Charly went from co-host to host to assistant to off the show, and she had no idea why.

Forget the mic check. Was it time for a reality check?
Just like the first book in the “Charly’s Epic Fiascos” series, I didn’t like this novel much at first. “Reality Check” isn’t very based in reality—I mean, seriously, what teen forces her way into instant TV stardom?

That almost never happens… but what does happen is that a book kind of gets under your skin and makes you smile, which what author Kelli London did here. I grew to really enjoy this story, partly because Charly’s a gutsy girl and partly because she doesn’t become a stereotypical diva. That’s a very good surprise, which turns this into a rather good book.

If you dream of fame and fortune, be careful what you ask for. And if you want a decently fun novel, “Reality Check” is a book to write down.

(“Reality Check: Charly’s Epic Fiascos” by Kelli London, Dafina Teen, $9.95, 288 pages.)

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