Bill Robinson presented the challenge for a Black Agenda, and later threw his support to Peduto, to the surprise of many. So don’t be surprised if he’s leading the charge for the new mayor.

With the close relationship between Peduto and Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald the city should benefit from the two of them working together. Now the next move will be for Peduto to start working with the state, both Republican and Democratic parties, to get the many things done that’s needed in the city.

In all fairness to Ravenstahl, the city as a whole did grow and Blacks were in key positions, and many prospered which means we expect a whole lot more from Peduto, especially in the areas of community development, education and employment.  I repeat…community development, education and employment. If we can drastically improve these areas everything else will fall into place.

But we, not only just we who supported him, but all Blacks, must keep not only Peduto’s feet to the fire, but the Blacks who supported him, and the ones who didn’t. Because we don’t want people who didn’t support him using excuses, because they are still elected to improve conditions for Blacks, so they have to find a way to work with Peduto, because like it or not, he is the new mayor.

We have almost 6 months to put together our priorities for the new mayor and he has the same amount of time to put his programs together so when he takes office in January, he can hit the ground running. There’s no excuse for him to be talking about he’s looking for this, and he’s waiting for that. He should have his people and programs ready to go.

Just remember very few candidates, if any, is the same person when they take office. So if we expect the conditions for Blacks to improve and this city to become a beacon of light for everyone we must make sure the person in office remembers when he was a candidate.

(Ulish Carter is the managing editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier)


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