Well, before I get into that I must reveal to everyone there will be a general election in November in which Peduto must beat a Republican candidate. But the likelihood of a Republican winning the mayor seat or any other seat in the city is like receiving ice water in hell.  So lets’ talk about the new mayor, Bill Peduto.  

Peduto had a lot of prominent Black support in his bid, especially after Mayor Luke Ravenstahl left the race, primarily because most people didn’t think Wheatley could win and didn’t really know a lot about Wagner and what they did know wasn’t enough to move them away from Peduto.  

Most Blacks who are not satisfied with Ravenstahl which I would say is about 50-50 are looking for new blood, new leadership, and Peduto should provide that. But if we haven’t learned anything else over the years we should know and understand that just because a candidate makes bold promises during an election don’t mean he will deliver once he’s in office.

The challenge to the Black community, the Blacks who supported Peduto, and those who didn’t, is to make sure he does not only what he said he was going to do but make sure the Black community is better off after his first term in office than it was when he took office.

There was a Black Agenda handed out, and many who supported the Black Agenda supported Peduto, so the first thing on the agenda of the new mayor must be addressing these issues from top to bottom.

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