“It’s a blessing to have The Village to help raise Joshua, but at the end of the day, momma will do what she wants,” she said. “I take everyone’s opinion into consideration, but at the end of the day I decide what’s best for him. It’s like being a judge in court.”

Whitley still finds time to exercise her funny bone by doing standup on Tuesday nights at the Comedy Union with fellow comedienne Kim Coles.

“We start the show off with improv. It’s great fun and it keeps us on our toes,” said Whitley who enjoys reading books, going to movies, writing in her journal and feeding squirrels. “I’m an improv comic. I love performing. I talk about what is on my heart.”

In addition to her “Raising Whitley” and her comic endeavors, Whitley has created a t-shirt line called “Don’t Feed Me,” which informs people of a child’s food allergies.

“We found out that Joshua has all of these allergies–he is allergic to peanuts, peaches, shellfish, milk, chicken, I was like ‘what, chicken’ and I came up with this shirt because this nanny came in and made him breakfast and she put peanut butter on toast and I heard him choking. With this shirt, when The Village takes him out they know what to feed him,” Whitley said.

Other parents quickly began asking where they could buy the shirt and again, Whitley knew she was on to something.

“The shirts are selling it’s a mom and pop business right now, but people are asking for them. Caregivers are asking for them for the elderly. We have a wide spectrum,” she said.

The shirts can be purchased by visiting http://www.dontfeedme.org and range in price from $10.99 to $15.99.


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