Monaco hasn’t had a binge in two years. Since leaving Green Mountain, she’s lost 70 pounds.

She lives with her new boyfriend and another roommate, a significant step in her recovery. She no longer feels the urge to eat mass quantities of pasta; food is fun now, though she still struggles with certain types. Pizza, for instance, scares her, since it was a binge eating trigger.

“It’s kind of like seeing an ex-boyfriend and not being sure how to handle that situation,” she explained. “I get a whole slew of emotions that run through my body: I want to devour you. I need to stay away from you. I want you in my life.”

She keeps healthy snacks like baby carrots and cottage cheese on hand but allows herself gummy bears when she wants them. She’s back at the gym but has made it into an activity she does with her boyfriend rather than an obsession.

Monaco is also writing for Green Mountain’s blog,, in hopes of reaching out to other women who are struggling.

“My goal is to just feel better,” she said. “I’m hoping that with this story and with my blog … I’m hoping that what I’ve gone through is really going to make a difference in somebody else’s life.”

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