There were eight head coaching positions for 2013, none were filled by Blacks. There were five General Managers position opened, none filled by Blacks. There hasn’t been a Black head coach hired in six years from an external search. Mike Singletary, Leslie Frazier and Romeo Crennel were interim coaches after the head coach was fired. Only Frazier kept his job.

So we have an opportunity to do in Pittsburgh what no other city is doing to date, and that is have some kind of credibility created in the corporate world to monitor the hiring of Blacks and Women across the board. But we must do a much better job than the NFL is doing because they have dropped the ball, and the group which should be monitoring them and putting pressure on them, the Players Association, which has a substantially high Black majority membership, hasn’t done anything. The only thing they seem to care about is money now.

The only way the dismal numbers for Black employment or underemployment in the Pittsburgh area is going to change is through education and equal employment. There are hundreds of Black students graduating from college and trade schools every year in the Pittsburgh area, all they need is an opportunity, which they haven’t been given in the past. Now hopefully with the Rooney Rule all this will change.

(Ulish Carter is the managing editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier.)  

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