:04 Speaking of the Locker Room, and I was, to my pleasant surprise, I have a long time reader who didn’t come out and say it, but really wants to be in the Locker Room. Yes you do…yes you do…yes you do! Aaannnyyy wwwaaayyy, Mark Kelly you’re now in the Locker Room!

:03 Speaking of sports and stuff, African-American men please get your prostrate exam. Do it…do it…now…that’s it!

:02 Hey, wait till you see this list of the top 10 basketball players of all time list a brother sent me “while on vacation.” I would show it to you this week, but I lost it! Don’t worry I’ll find it. It’s here somewhere and trust me, it’s worthy. And besides, he ain’t going no where. “He’s on vacation!” You a top 10 list now? Try this one for size.

:01 While they continue to blame President Obama for this IRS scandal, let’s get him for the other stuff he did. #1—he had President Lincoln shot. #2—he’s really “Big Foot.” #3—he gave Michael Jackson the last injection. #4—yea, he shot Kennedy too. #5—and of course, if he shot Jack Kennedy, he had to shoot Bobby Kennedy and of course he had Marilyn Monroe done away with. #6—he was the mastermind of the Linbergh kidnapping. #7—it goes without saying he threw the phantom punch that knocked out Sonny Liston…not Ali. #8—what kind of basketball lovin’ President would he be if we didn’t blame him for the U.S. basketball team losing the gold in the 1972 Olympics. #9—I don’t have to tell you “he did it” not O.J. #10—and finally, let’s all join hands and sing…he shot the sheriff…but—he—did—not—shoot—the—deputy!!! C’mon man!


•Triple threat movie review: Just the way you like it. Yes you do!

• “Iron Man: Not as good as the first one and not as bad as the second. 3 ’s

• “The Great Gatsby”: Fantastic. 4 ’s

• “Star Trek”: You know the scoop. 4?


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