by Bill Neal

:10 Right out the gate so he doesn’t miss it, the man that used to “shake and bake” the best that the Connie Hawkins League had to offer…including the likes of Norm Nixon, Warnie Macklin and Bobby Franklin, just to name a few…yes boys and girls, we’re talking about none other than the “Hazelwood Heat” Frank Foster. Frank, I am proud to say, you’re right where you should have been a long time ago! You’re now “In the Locker Room!” And let me tell the rest of Pittsburgh what you and I already know. The only difference between you and Bobby Byrd is that Byrd had Junkhead and “The Echoes”…the only difference between you and Hosea Champine is that Hosea had Petey Harris and “The Gangsters” and the only difference between you and Norm Nixon is that Norm had Kirk Bruce and “The Force” (Ok, I might have gone too far that time. There’s a big difference between you and Norm Nixon!!! Anyway, back to my point, you not only had game, and plenty of it, you could play that gui-tar! Now somebody run tell that.

:09 I know, I know, I know…you’re still not believing what I told you to believe two months ago. The Spurs will win the West and Indiana will upset The Heat to win the East. Yet you still can’t understand why I have a sports column and you don’t!

:08 Sing with me here. It’s like candy, I can feel it when you walk…even when you talk, it takes over me. What I want to know is…can you feel it too just like I do? This stuff is starting now…it’s the same feeling I always seem to get around you. There’s no mistaking I am clearly taken by you. Girl, you’re giving me a heart attack…it’s the kind I like…it’s like candy!! (C-A-M-E-O …you know it). Feels good, huh?

:07 Your Pittsburgh Pirates are eight games over 500 and playing some serious baseball. I mean serious. Clutch hitting, walk off home runs, shut down closers, less base running mistakes, great fielding and the pitching and hitting is for real. Yes, I do believe the curse is over!

:06 If you run into him, make sure you congratulate Master Jacquet Bazemore for being inducted into the National Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Bazemore is a 9th Degree Black Belt Master and is held in the highest regard worldwide.

:05 CORRECTION—Yeah, believe it or not, I actually made a mistake. The Golden State back court combination that Coach Mark Jackson placed on an historic pedestal was Stephan Curry and Clay Thompson, not “Jarrad Jack,” as I indicated. Man, that’s my second mistake this year and I only get three or Broadus will bounce me out of here. Of course we know there won’t be a third…don’t we…don’t we!?!?)

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