“I don’t think he’s a bad guy, just trying to help out a friend. But you can’t do that in office. It’s not a foolish mistake it’s a crime. Look at where that mentality got us with Ravenstahl.”

Harris said the pay-to-play politics has to stop. Lavelle’s bill to have banks holding city funds invest in poor neighborhoods is great on paper, but in practice it just funnels money to cronies.

“And Carl Redwood’s dollar-a-car idea to fund Hill initiatives is a good idea,” he said. “But a huge unregulated pool of money—terrible idea. Here’s one; why not use that to fund highly subsidized, maybe free, daycare. How many mothers would be working at better, full time jobs if they didn’t have to worry about daycare?”

Harris also said he believes the Rivers Casino should continue to support its neighboring communities, though its official obligation is over.  He also wants to insure that community redevelopment doesn’t result in tax increases that force seniors and lower income residents out of their homes.

“We’ve seen politics has done for the district,” he said. “I’m asking the voters, if you had a company and needed to hire someone to run it—to spend your money—which is essentially what this is, who would you hire?  It’s time to put a professional in charge. Not a professional politician.”

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