Our most important right is to Vote, Vote, Vote.

No matter whom you support make sure you go out and vote in the upcoming May 21 election.

It’s not just for the mayoral race but also for City Council, School Board, Judges and County Council.

The big race of course is for mayor, in which there are three very worthy candidates. Jake Wheatley, Jack Wagner and Bill Peduto are running to be the new leader of Pittsburgh. Conditions are drastically different for Blacks than Whites in this city and we need a mayor who understands this and is willing to make the tough decisions to bring about equality and true diversity. I’m not telling you who to vote for, just learn all you can about each candidate and vote for the one you feel will best serve you and your community’s needs. All three men would make a good mayor, even though they all have their good points and bad.

The second big race is the District 6 City Council race between R. Daniel Lavelle, Tonya Payne and Franco Dok Harris. This is not just the Hill District as some people call it. It includes the Hill but also Manchester, the lower and parts of the middle North Side, North Shore, parts of Oakland and Downtown. There’s no doubt who the strongest candidate is in this race. Lavelle.

With education being probably the most important issue facing Black America, the School Board election is extremely important, with two key areas up for election. However, in District 3, which includes the Hill District, Thomas Sumpter is running unopposed. But in District 1 it should be a very close battle between Lucille Prater-Holliday and Sylvia Wilson. Wilson crossed filed as a Democrat and Republican, but Prater-Holliday didn’t, which could mean they will meet in the general election whereas all the other races are pretty much final. Once again read all you can about these two then vote your conscious. Just remember how important education is to the growth of this city, and how it will affect you and your family.

Blacks showed up in huge numbers during the presidential election to make sure Obama got back into office, and a whole lot of Whites showed up at the polls to make sure he didn’t. Just remember, this election across the board has a whole lot more to do with you. It’s going to affect you at every level, but especially at home.

You have a say in who will be making the daily decisions that will affect your life in employment or lack of it, education, crime and the criminal justice system. This election is right here at home.

But our jobs are not finished after we vote. After we vote we must hold these politicians’ feet—no matter who it is—to the fire. We must make sure they do what they said they were going to do. And even if they didn’t say they were going to do it, if it will help the Black community, we must demand that they either take the lead or join forces with those who are leading in the fight for equality across the board.

Make your voice heard. Vote. Vote. Vote for whomever you feel will make this city a better place to live for all people, not just the White upper middle class.

Remember the date. Tuesday, May 21.

(Ulish Carter is the managing editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier.)


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