(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:
Four months ago I went to our family reunion.  Everyone who attended was concerned about my brother’s children. This is the problem: My brother has not attended a family reunion in six years. He has stayed away because at his last attendance the family members voiced their opinion about his children’s health. His children look like elephants and bears.  We were told they have not lost weight but have gained more weight—if that is possible. At his last visit he was told his children look like animals—not humans.
Gwendolyn, that was nothing to become upset to the point of staying away from family gatherings. What do you think?—Elizabeth
Dear Elizabeth:
Your brother made a good decision. Families should act like family if they want to be loved by family. Let me tell you this: To alert him about his children could have and should have been done in a better manner.  What’s wrong in saying, “My brother’s children are obese.” They are humans and not animals. No parent takes to negative comments about their children.
If your brother stays away from the next reunion, write to him and apologize for the cruelness that was said. Suggest they seek professional help in going to a facility that has a doctor, nutrition assistance, and up-to-date gym equipment. If family is really concerned, take up money at the reunion to pay for these services.
Elizabeth, life can take a change. Often pretty little boys and girls end up doing nothing positive with their life. They resort to being criminals. Sometimes those little elephants and bears become college presidents, bank presidents or—president of a country. Weight control is needed for good health and not a focus for good looks. Think about it.  There are many people with a sexy body and an ugly face.
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