:10 As you know, I am always talking to you about “Old School.”  Why?  Cause I’m old, that’s why! Yeah, I know.  I look good for my age.  People tell me that all the time …and you know what, they’re right. Anyway, back to something way more important than me. If you want that good old school feeling…I mean that early Sunday morning biscuits and gravy, grits in the deep pot, ham, bacon and sausage, hot cakes, scrambled eggs and coffee old school feeling, then all you have to do next Sunday is get your lazy butt out of the bed and walk through the warm beautiful, historic and welcoming doors of     St. James AME Church on Lincoln Avenue. The Champions’ staff were invited guests to the churchmember, renown Pittsburgh actress and model Rita Gregory. The word was powerful, inspirational and yes…quick…(smile).  The church family was warm and Ms. Hazel’s Kitchen is all that. Chicken, poke salad, greens, corn bread…oh lord, let me stop! And how about this, all the food is served by young people. You know, the kind of  young good folks we’re proud of who far outweigh the bad. I’m talking about the kind we celebrate on the 6 p.m. evening news, not the ones we close the gate on the 11 p.m. news.  You’ve heard enough.  Visit St. James.  Do it now…because I said so…and oh yeah, God says so too!
:9 All I said was the Lakers would make the playoffs.  That’s all I said…no, shut up.
:8 You might as well get on the band wagon now.  Your Pittsburgh Pirates are for real.  Not only are they legit, but now the word comes that we got depth…back up baby.  LET’S – GO – BUCS!
:7 Here’s an “Overtime” sports bulletin for ya.  And remember, you heard it here first.  The     Pittsburgh Old Timers won the National Championship yet again.  Tom “Bum” Coates     added to his legend by bringing home MVP honors…word is he hit 4—3s in a row to bring home the title…some say he’s still dropping 3s and the game has been over for two weeks.  More info and a team photo next week.
:6 Now look and listen, and trust me, this comes from the heart mmmaaannn. It’s possible you may have had a smarter coach in the Connie Hawkins Summer Basketball League,  but none smarter than Richard Allen. And you may have more dedicated coaches, but     none more so than Karen Hall.  And it’s possible you may have had someone more committed to winning than Ringo Saunders, but I doubt it.  And I guess you could have had a better dressed coach than Roland Slade, but you would have to look far and wide. And, if you’re going to try and tell me there was a better organized and fully equipped coach in the league than me…aka Bill Neal…forget about it.  But, if you want to identify the one coach that brought all these attributes to the court…then that would be…yeah, you know it—LaVaughn “Meatball” Johnson. Stand up and be applauded! (Alright man, I told ya I would hook you up. Now quit calling me). Hey everybody, you know “ball” can’t see all that good so here’s the truth, but don’t tell him I told you.  We all know the man who wears all those crowns is the godfather Eddie Jeffries “The King of the Gangsters” …the Rankin Gangsters that is, wore a shirt and tie—on—the—sidelines.  C’mon man!!!
:5 The Pens are in. Let’s get ready to RRRUUUMMMBBBLLLEEE!
:4 All you need to know is the Steelers met all their needs.  Linebacker, wide receiver, running back and safety…now we have to see if them dogs can hunt!
:3 I’m just sayin’, what about O.J.?
:2 Movie Review Time. Oh, shut up will ya! You wanna have some fun, go see The Big Wedding, a Simmi chick flick, but De Niro makes it man friendly I give it 3 ***.  And if you got the guts to see Pain & Gain with the Rock and Mark Wahlberg, funny, intense, brutal, bloody and yes boys and girls, a true story.  Now that didn’t hurt did it?
:1 Hey, if you’re looking for a wonderful thing to do for Mothers’ Day, call Rita Gregory.  No, I mean a Mothers’ Day good time. She’s hosting the Mothers Day / Celebrity Women’s Awards Luncheon and Fashion Show on Saturday, May 11, at St. James Church, 2 p.m. Tickets are only $30, honoring “20” of Pittsburgh’s outstanding women, and the special treat, the M.C. for the event is the legendary Debbie Norrell. Call the Champions at 412- 628-4856 to get a ticket while we still have them…fame—fashion—food and fun.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  And you know you can take that to the bank!
:00 Kevin Cameron…I can’t hear you mmmaaannn!!!

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