After the reunion finale for the Real Housewives of Atlanta I thought it was high time I penned a letter to the ladies.
Needless to say I don’t miss an episode of RHOA and typically watch each one at least twice. I have watched RHOA since the first episode back when Nene wore wigs and had a big nose. How dare she refer to Sheree as “big nose Sheree” during the reunion show, she even called Kim “Wig.” Nene have we ever seen your own hair? Even now you are wearing a weave in the front and some of your own naps in the back.  Yes I said it. Did you think we missed the episode where you had your nose fixed, breast implants and your teeth fixed? You hair looked real bad when you were in Anguilla getting that massage. Why are you so hard on everyone?

And oh Miss Kenya Moore you chased Walter for the whole show and then when he didn’t want to go your way all of a sudden he is gay and wearing a toupee. Come on now, he doesn’t appear gay to me and I really don’t believe that is a toupee. He may be thinning some but he seems like a man who is just not in to you.  Did that ever cross your mind? It was very clear that you were trying to push up on Apollo. Who does that right in front of someone’s wife? I guess you. And what about the text messages? Do you really think Apollo is going to leave his safety net? And then you call him a convicted felon, once again you attack when the person doesn’t fall at your feet.  If anyone has to go next season I think it should be you, Kenya Moore. After all you have never been anyone’s wife. The show is called the Real Housewives of Atlanta. At least Porsha is or was a housewife.
For a minute I was a big fan of Cynthia Bailey, I think she is a beautiful model and has a lot of style, but this season Ms. Bailey seemed to carry tales from person to person and it seems that she really wants to please Ms. Nene Leakes. I know that all of you want to secure your position on the show so the money will keep flowing, so the more stuff you start or the more you twirl the higher the ratings.
I would like to see the cast remain as it is. I like Porsha and I’m sorry Kordell had to be such a butt. I thought they brought a nice change to the show, I was hoping that he would come around. Todd and Kandi are my favorite couple; they are both attractive and accomplished.  I don’t think Todd has anywhere near the finances of Kandi, but most men don’t, however, I think he loves her and I like them together.
Note to Nene, TV shows come and go, there won’t always be a “Glee” or a “New Normal,” and you are not Oprah yet. ­
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