by Debbie Norrell

According to the New York Fashion Center green is the color of life.

In nature, it symbolizes growth, freshness, and rebirth.

A popular term currently is “going green”, meaning to conserve more, consume less, and consider the impact one’s lifestyle has on the environment. “Going green” connotes a fresh, healthy lifestyle and the color reminds consumers of the land’s most prevalent color. It’s also the color of the very item that enables consumers to consume (in the United States): money. There are very few negative associations with green.

However, it can also be associated with decay and envy; the Wicked Witch is green, the Green Hornet from Spiderman is green, and many demons are historically represented in green.

This contrasts with green’s friendly counterparts: the Jolly Green Giant, leprechauns, and Shrek.

Many people shy away from green fabric in their wardrobes, believing that it simply makes the skin look jaundiced. However, there are shades of green fabric that look flattering with any skin tone; it simply takes the right hue.

Green connotes vitality, freshness, and strength. This color is soothing on the eyes and calms down the heartbeat. Check out our model Diane Stotts in this beautiful green gown from New York, New York in Station Square. She goes green and gorgeous.


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