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Dear Editor:
It never fails. Every time I read the paper or hear the news, someone’s home was invaded. Or, some youngster was shot and killed. Another mother is crying. Another vigil is held somewhere. Someone else is shot. And someone always cries out “THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!”
Well, it won’t stop until someone has the guts to come up with an obvious solution. If you want to stop the home invasions, the shootings and killings, you have to get guns off the street. To get guns off the street, you have to get drugs off the street. To get drugs off the street, you must legalize them. Yes, legalize drugs.
I have no data as far as violent crime being related to drugs, but I believe there is a very high correlation. If legalizing drugs doesn’t do anything, it will take the criminal element out of it. There is an old saying that goes something like, “If you forget the past, you are bound to repeat.” Remember prohibition? As long as liquor was illegal, Al Capone, Frank Nitti and all the rest of those thugs caused violence and crime to run rampant just as it does today. Just as soon as they repealed prohibition and made liquor legal, crime was greatly reduced. And the same will happen if they legalize drugs.
Just like back during prohibition, people said you can’t repeal prohibition. Everyone will be walking around drunk. Well, if you don’t drink, you don’t drink. The same is said of drugs. If you don’t use drugs, you don’t use drugs.
Believe me if you legalize drugs, the only ones that will be using them are the ones that are using them now. Regulate them. Take all the money spent on losing the fight against drugs and put it toward the education of the dangers of drugs. Let’s face it. We are not winning the war on drugs and as long as drugs are illegal, we never will. Legalize drugs and stop the killing. Stop the home invasions. Stop the car-jackings and stop another mother from crying.
George E. Knox

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