At the outset I need to state that the current director of Shuman Juvenile Detention Center, William “Jack” Simmons is a personal, competent and respected friend of mine. Over the last two or three weeks I have read the daily media, listened to TV and radio and some of them have talked about the terrible conditions at the detention center. The question is how do they know about the alleged conditions? Who told them, where did the alleged information come from? I have never read or heard any source quote Jack Simmon’s version. Why?
When news is reported and the person being accused is denied the opportunity to present his version the issue becomes suspect. It is important that we recall the accurate statement “there are three sides to every situation RIGHT, WRONG and the TRUTH.”
My readers should take note that I am not saying the issues are another example of racism, I am asking the question, because it is an established fact of life that bigotry is alive and well in the richest and most powerful nation in the world, America. It is also an established fact that Pittsburgh is ­definitely not the most livable city for all ­people.
I remember when Colored persons [not Black yet] went to Allegheny County’s South Park and we were forced to swim in the colored pool, remember? Do you remember prejudice was rampart and flagrant on Allegheny County’s payroll? When is the last time you saw a Black Allegheny County police officer, how many are there, when was the last time one was hired?
In the very near future I will release some statistics about Allegheny County in relationship to Blacks and you will be shocked. You remember the expression much as changed, but when it comes to Blacks in Allegheny County much remains the same, and that is why the caption on this column asks is Shuman Detention Center under attack because of Black leadership?
Any person that knows me, ever heard me speak, followed my columns over the years knows I never play the race card and don’t blame slavery, but I have always believed in calling a spade a spade.
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(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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