Not long ago I had to have physical therapy on my shoulder. I think it was due to the weight of my purse and the bags I was taking to work each day. On any given day I would pack up books, magazines, newspapers, a lunch and sometimes a laptop and sling it over one shoulder.
So what’s in your purse? What’s in your wallet? I’ve seen men with wallets so fat that they need a purse or some type of messenger bag. Hey guys do you know if you sit on a wad that fat it can create back problems? Take some of that stuff out.
Recently I dumped the entire contents of my purse out on the floor to see what I was lugging around. There were enough ink pens for a second grade class, two checkbooks, a wallet full of change, three pairs of glasses, my GPS, an apple and an orange. I guess I could have made a fruit salad.  There were receipts from three months ago buried in the bottom.  I cleaned that Louie out and now it is much lighter.

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