(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: I have been married for seven years and the marriage has been horrible from the get-go. In short, Gwendolyn, I have suffered abuse, abandonment, disrespect and dishonesty. My mother advised me not to marry him. I have truly regretted not taking her advice.
The problem continued…My husband left me because I refused to take a job in a rundown hotel in a rundown section of town. He was trying to push me into danger but he didn’t have a job at all. After I refused to take the job, he started calling me names. He tried to assure me I was a nobody, I couldn’t take care of my child and that I was stupid. About six months ago, he called and said he didn’t want to be married anymore. From that point I moved on with my life and have found happiness. I now have a new friend and he treats me like gold, bronze, and silver. He says I am more valuable than diamonds. When I told my husband, he started to be nicer and wanted to come back. I think he realizes I don’t want to give him another chance. I have filed for divorce. What makes me angry is that he has taken up friendship with another woman so soon after our separation.—Joan
Dear Joan: Your husband more than likely already had his new friend. Do not become bitter with him. He is not worth your thoughts. It is only a matter of time before he starts to mistreat her as well. And, Joan, he might treat her good but don’t concern yourself with that. A failed marriage or a failed courtship hurts and hurts badly. Enjoy your new friend. Girl, you got it going on. Many men will treat you like gold, bronze, and silver—but seldom you find a man who will think of you as—diamonds in the mix.
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