(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:
Recently, I came into some money. My parents left me over 150 acres of land in a prime area of the countryside. I sold the land to a developer. They are putting a subdivision there, which is going to carry my name.
I have given my children and grandchildren a sizable amount of the money. I have a sizable amount left for myself. Six months ago I met a nice man who loves me. It was love at first sight for him and for me as well.
Gwendolyn, this is the problem: People are telling me he is only after my money. They say I am too old to be involved with a man of that age. I don’t think so. Yes, we are courting and doing what young people do. He is a hum­dinger that you can believe.
What do you think about our relationship? I don’t mind you being truthful.—Gina
Dear Gina:
I could care less if you did mind me being truthful. I hate to know you have money and I hate to know that you are in love. It’s not the matter he is so much younger than you, the matter is he’s broke.
Keep this relationship only if he agrees to be just a casual friend. But to be doing what young people do is detrimental to your health—you know…like heart attack. Gina, get your mind out of the clouds (read “A Much Younger Man” by Dianne Highbridge, published in 2003). Do not let him talk you into a marriage. If that happens, you will find yourself heartbroken and alone. A failed love affair is devastating when young, and women your age just don’t need that. It is only human you want companionship, but he is giving much more than that. Think about it. He has your body in the danger zone. If you marry him, he will stay until all the money is gone—not leaving you enough funds for—a wheelchair.
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