With Mayor Luke Ravenstahl stepping out of the race it has become a free for all which makes it the right time for a Black person to get into the race. And my choice is Tim Stevens.
No I haven’t talked to him and this is going to be a complete surprise to him. Nor do I think he would actually run, but I think he would be a higher quality candidate and better for this city and the Black community in particular than any of the candidates currently running.
Even though Tim has been a civil rights and human rights activist for 20 or more years he has not created the kind of animosity and hatred that people like Harvey Adams and other civil rights leaders created. Blacks and Whites in all walks of life respect him, rich, poor and middle class like him, whether they agree with him or not. That’s why I think he would be a good mayor. We would finally get someone who is going to fight for all the people, not just the select few.
And he has proven he can work with Whites, because the majority of the people in the civil and human rights struggle in the city and metropolitan area are White. And when you talk about grass roots, you can’t get much closer than his supporters.
Yes, I think it would be one of the better moves this city has seen. If a young 26-year-old kid can turn this city around, just imagine what a dedicated veteran like Tim could do. I’m just sayin’.
I know this will never happen. We will have to settle for one of the mass number of politicians who have thrown their hat into the race. Joining Bill Peduto, and Michael Lamb is Darlene Harris, Jim Ferlo and there are rumors that County Councilman Bill Robinson, and state Rep. Jake Wheatley may enter the race. If Robinson or Wheatley enters the race they will follow in the footsteps of the select few Blacks who have run for mayor. To my knowledge they are: Carmen Robinson, Hop Kendrick, Rev. James Sims, and Byrd Brown.
Hats off to Connie Parker.

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