I know I gave you the DNA set-up early on, but it’s more than that. D.J. brings his own skill set to the dance. He’s the ultimate hard worker, never takes a day off the prize and trust me when I tell you, a 3.3 GPA doesn’t hurt either. When the time comes to put the final numbers in place, I put my money on the future accountant D.J. Boyce…and that you can take to the bank!!!
Editors Note: Top-seeded New Castle (24-0) ended Gateway’s three-year run of appearances in the WPIAL title game following an 87-55 quarterfinal victory Feb. 23 at Ambridge.
:09 Speaking of New Castle, and I was, whatever kind of water they’re drinking in Castle and Clairton and Aliquippa, needs to be bottled and sold as “Small Town American Champion Water”—and why aren’t more Division I coaches recruiting these kids? Remember, is it size? Remember, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight. It’s the size of the fight in the dog. These kids are winners…they’re champions for a reason!!!
:08 I told ya twice already. The Pens are playing hockey and your Pirates are…well, they’re playing! That’s all I got.
:07 Ring…Ring…Rrriiinnnggg…Hello. Yea. Is Walt “Clyde” Frazier or “Earl the Pearl” Monroe there? Tell ‘em it’s Bill Neal from the Connie Hawkins League in Pittsburgh. Tell ‘em it’s urgent! Hello…Clyde and Pearl here brother Neal. How can we help you? Get dressed man. You guys are starting for the Knicks again. I need somebody right now who can pass the ball to someone other than the guys on the other team!!
:06 What about O.J. ???
:05 Trust me. The only people who “storm the court” or for that matter “the field” are people that never played. That’s the only way they can “feel the thrill.” I’m with “Coach K.” It’s stupid and should be outlawed.
:04 I guess you know Rayco Saunders is still knockin’ people out. He just came back from a 4th round K.O. in Indy. He’s still a bad man! And for some reason, remains one of Pittsburgh’s most underrated champions. C’mon man!
:03 So you really believe Joe Flacco is worth $120.6 million dollars? Then you should have no trouble believing that Jimi Hendrix, Jannis Joplin, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke and Michael Jackson are having a jam session at my house Saturday night. C’mon over about
8:00 p.m. Oh yeah, it’s BYOB.
:02 After a great opening turn-out and superior dress-up, Rayco “War” Promotions and Five Starr Corporation will bring you “Harlem Nights” once again, Friday, March 29. Yea, we know it’s Friday . . . don’t act funny. Ya’ll know how we do! More information next week. Just get ready to par-tay!
:01 The 38th Annual Champions W.Pa. High School All-Star Basketball Classic is set. Sunday, April 7th, 2013 at the new and magnificent Penn Hills Sr. High School.
9 a.m.-noon—Girls’ Middle School Tournament; noon-3 p.m.—Boys’ Middle School Tournament; 3 p.m.– H.S. Senior Girls City vs. WPIAL; 5 p.m.—H.S. Senior Boys City vs. WPIAL. Adults $5; children 12 and under $2 ~ one ticket good all day. Free parking. Refreshments. Slam dunk, 3 point, foul shooting contest and the McDonald’s “Big Money” half court shot for lucky you! Call the Champions for information (412) 628-4856. SENIORS, IT’S YOUR TURN…IT’S YOUR TIME !!!

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