Shortly after his former bodyguard Fred Crawford Jr., a 25-year retired police officer, said the mayor knew about the debit cards drawn from a credit union account under investigation by the feds, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl announced he was not going to run for re-election, shortly after he had said he was running for re-election. What’s up with that?
First there was the announcement that he was standing by Police Chief Nate Harper. Then the next week he announced that he had asked for and received the chief’s resignation. So I guess he figured it would all end there?
But then came statements by his former bodyguard that the mayor knew about the debit cards because he and the mayor’s current bodyguards were given these cards. The mayor denied knowing about it and called Crawford a liar. But Crawford has stood by his statements.
What really bothered me about the Crawford article was that after listing Crawford’s accusations not only was the mayor’s denial listed but the writers went way back to the 1980s to talk about Crawford being sued for child support, then talked to a woman about his alleged affair outside his marriage with her. Now, what did that have to do with whether he was telling the truth or not about the mayor? If you are going to drag up that old news then drag up the fact that the mayor just recently went through a divorce in which there were allegations that he cheated. Does that make him a liar?
The issue should have stayed with the mayor and his former bodyguard calling each other liars. What in the world does child support in the ’80s or a relationship outside his marriage have to do with whether he’s telling the truth or not about this issue in 2013? And the same is true of the mayor. What happened between he and his ex-wife has nothing to do with this issue.
Once a liar, always a liar I guess is what they were trying to say in the paper. But that can go both ways.
The one good thing about the mayor stepping out of the race is that now the candidates for his seat will have to tell the voters why they should vote for them. What are they going to do to make Pittsburgh a better place to live, and what have they done?
A group of activists met last week to express what they believe should be the priorities of the new police chief. Well I believe the first priority must be to make sure there are a representative number of Blacks in every police recruiting class. Real diversity is not diversity if it does not include Blacks who make up over 30 percent of the population in Pittsburgh.

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