Miller said that “inspirational and religious book buyers, church members and leaders” are the target audience. He said it is a valuable tool that “no home should be without” and that “it should be read by every house member.”  He said the book’s “first-hand accounts of spirituality” can lead to “better, healthier lifestyles.” In the “Spirit Scripture Index” section, readers can find a complete list of spiritual references that appear throughout the Bible.
Traditional and contemporary studies relate happiness, morale, and health to spirituality. Many older Blacks are saying that “religion helps them cope or adapt with losses or difficulties.”  For insights on “the Spirit inside each of us,” Black church groups, book clubs, parents and student groups, or other gatherings, should give Miller a call. Instead of booking the local TV weatherman, church members, business executives and organizations would do well in their outreach, training, spiritual coaching and fundraising utilizing Miller and his publication for their programs. In conjunction with the publication, the Miller Group also offers one-day seminars comprised of discussion groups, testimonies, and spiritual awareness sessions.
“Freedom begins with the freeing of the mind and soul” said Miller. Regarded as a modern-day Renaissance man, Miller is an artist, published poet, accomplished playwright and a corporate diversity marketing counselor. Miller’s also a certified “Fruit of the Spirit” instructor. Better grounded than those whose job it is just to read the news on TV, Miller knows how to help navigate obstacles and chart paths to solid solutions. He appears on news networks and his writings have been featured in national publications. Miller has spoken at numerous seminars and taught business, diversity and entrepreneurial leadership classes across America.  He’s created, developed and implemented Diversity Marketing program activities among industry and church audiences.
Miller’s email is Successful marketing programs Miller has introduced are currently helping numerous religious and political organizations attract more members, connect with visitors and craft mission statements, core values, and branding. He and his organization can help you to create unique strategic plans to grow your organization or institution. The kind of special events the Miller Group can help create include extravaganzas such as gala dinner-dances, concerts, cruises, and major sporting events.
(William Reed is head of the Business Exchange Network and available for speaking/seminar projects through the Bailey

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