(NNPA)—“Direct my footsteps according to your Word”—Psalm 119:133
The gospel song, “Order My Feet in Your Word,” happens to be a popular tune. It’s a good theme for life and a personal request to God to “Prepare my goings in your paths and not let evil rule over me.” However, to impose order on “your steps” requires practical techniques and applications.
What procedures are involved if you want to “walk worthy” through life? A new and empowering book titled, “The Spirit Within: Embracing God’s Living Spirit for a Healthier Life,” just might be the answer. It’s a timely guide that helps readers “order” their lives in both practical and spiritual ways. Author Alan E. Miller said, “Knowledge of God and his works in your life is empowering.” Miller said, “You can enjoy a healthy life by having an accurate view of God in your heart and mind and letting that shape your life every day.”
In Africans’ traditional life, spirituality is the foundation of one’s being. A believer’s destiny is bound up in spiritual pursuits throughout his life. In contemporary America, many Blacks search for their “spiritual enlightenment” and “true selves.” But, empowerment is achieved only through utilization of fundamental leadership and management techniques. In the book, “The Spirit Within,” Miller shows readers “how to walk” in productive and spiritual ways. The book provides a combination of plans for one’s life, scripture references, and exercises to refresh your spirit, refine your life, and refocus your goals and passions.

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