There’s one thing you want this coming year, and it can’t be found in a store.
This thing you want can’t be boxed, bottled, or canned. Designers can’t fashion it and factories can’t create it. What you want can’t be fitted, but it’ll be exactly the right size when you find it.
What you want is love this year, and so does Rachel Winslow. She’s a professional when it comes to Happily Ever After but in the new novel “What He’s Been Missing” by Grace Octavia, she’s not sure where to find it.
A sofa was not the place Rachel Winslow thought she’d be spending New Year’s Eve.
Nope, she figured she’d be dancing close and drinking cheap champagne with the love of her life, except there was no such love and there was nobody on the horizon. That night, it was just Rachel, an old movie, and a pizza delivery.
She was Atlanta’s hottest wedding planner, which didn’t help her mood. She saw love every day and that was okay; she loved love. She just wished it could be hers in the New Year. Everybody except Rachel, it seemed, was paired up with somebody. Even her best friend Ian had a girlfriend.
Sometimes, if she was honest with herself, she’d admit that Ian was really the guy for her. Hanging with him was easy, they had the same interests, they enjoyed the same restaurants, and they sometimes completed each others’ sentences.
But then Ian asked his girl, Scarlet to marry him and Scarlet asked Rachel to plan the wedding, which Rachel didn’t want to do. How could she help Ian marry someone else when he should be marrying her?
She needed to tell Ian about her feelings, before mistakes were made. But the mistake was Rachel’s: on the eve of his New Orleans wedding, she told Ian that she loved him, he got mad, and their friendship was badly broken.
But did it matter? Ian had Scarlet and it didn’t take long for Rachel to connect with someone from her past. Finally, she found love.
She found her man.

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