Coach number one paused, sighed and said, “Brey a high percentage of them want to be men and it’s obvious. If people want to see mannerisms and manly behavior they will go and pay to see men’s teams compete and not women’s.” Coach number two now chimed in. “Don’t forget Title IX,” he lamented, “gender issues have become equal to racial issues. If a White woman walks into an office and applies for a job no one knows whether she is heterosexual or homosexual. But when a Black man or Woman walks into the workplace bias may be automatically based solely on race.” Coach Number one interrupted. “And there are now less scholarships for male athletes because of budget cutting all across the nation and now even less money is going to be available for athletic programs for years to come. Title IX may “level” the playing field for some but lessens opportunities for others. The law is affirmative action and set asides just for women but nobody is complaining.” As far as I am concerned both of my “boys” had valid points but the thing that scares me is the fact that when civil rights are defined in this country there seems to be sort of a melting pot of issues that always seem to be put into the same pot that cooks and ferments racial injustice. Individuals were not enslaved for hundreds of years because of their sexuality or their gender; people were indentured at least in America because of their skin. Women and homosexuals were not dragged from their homes sold into bondage, put into slave ships and transported to faraway lands; but Africans were. All athletes and races are not considered by many people to be created equal and we must all stop pretending that we believe and think that they are. Athletic scholarships are needed and vital for the evolution of the rapidly disappearing Black male because sports are one of the few lamp lights that guide them to a better place. I know, you know and everybody else knows that most women are not genetically engineered good enough to beat a man or a boy playing most games that require physicality. Are there exceptions, yes but that being said the gene pools of females may not evolve to compete athletically against men for at least 10,000 or more years? I don’t care how many scholarships that are awarded by a title IV mandate or any other law we must always remember; women are from Venus and men are from Mars.
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