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The Pennsylvania Lottery has a slogan—“Proceeds benefit older Pennsylvanians.” The PA Lottery boast of the fact that it’s the only lottery in the nation that exclusively targets all of it proceeds to programs for older residents. Clearly the Pennsylvania Lottery understands its core market—POOR and OLD People. Studies have shown that ZIP codes that spend four times what anyone else does are those in lower-income parts of town. This article is in no way an attempt to attack the Pennsylvania lottery in and of it-self. This article is written to heighten awareness that all forms gambling including bingo, lottery and casinos are a tax on poor and older people.
Financial Guru Dave Ramsey teaches if you want to be rich, do what rich people do and if you want to be poor do what poor people do. Having been raised by poor people and most of my closest friends being poor people, naturally my wife and I have some poor people habits and tendencies. My wife claims that she enjoys bingo and I claim to enjoy going to casinos. I have had the opportunity to frequent various bingo halls and casinos over the years. As I began to learn how money works and began to hear that gambling is a tax on the poor, I began to pay attention to the people that filled the bingo halls and casinos. As you look at the people passing by, it’s easy to see that a great majority of the people who frequent bingo halls and casinos are aging people. As I begin to strike up conversation with people at these places it became obvious that many come from low-income communities. If you’re ever at a convenience store, gas station or grocery store that sells lottery tickets, pay attention to the long lines. You can easily identify most of the patrons buying lottery tickets are old and poor people.

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