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:10 Top 10 Greatest Black Americans: 1. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 2. President Barack Obama 3. Malcolm X 4. Frederick Douglass  5. Thurgood Marshall  6. Harriet Tubman 7. Rosa Parks 8. Jackie Robinson 9. George Washington Carver  10. Paul Robeson
:09 Top 10 Greatest Black Athletes: 1. Jackie Robinson 2. Muhammad Ali 3. Jessie Owens 4. Bill Russell 5. Hank Aaron/Barry Bonds 6. Jim Brown 7. Tiger Woods  8. Wilma Rudolph 9. Chuck Cooper 10. Arthur Ashe/Althea Gibson
:08 Top 10 Greatest Sports Events In Black History: 1. Jackie Robinson drafted into major league baseball. 2. Chuck Cooper drafted into the National Basketball Association. 3. The Life and Times of Muhammad Ali “The Greatest.” 4. Jessie Owens’ domination over Hitler and the Germans in the Olympics./ Hank Aaron hits 715 to become baseball’s homerun king. 5. Wilma Rudolph becomes the first American woman/African-American woman to win three gold medals in one Olympics (1960). 6. Jack Johnson/Joe Louis—both dominate the world heavyweight boxing crown during America’s most racist times. 7. Wilt Chamberlain scores 100 points in a single game. 8. Bill Russell wins 11th NBA Basketball Championship. 9. Doug Williams becomes first African- American to win NFL Super Bowl. 10. John Thompson becomes first African-American to win NCAA Basketball Tournament/Tony Dungy becomes first African-American head coach to win the Super Bowl
:07 Top 10 Honorable Mention Great Black Athletes: 1. Michael Jordan 2. Josh Gibson/Willie Mays 3. Magic Johnson 4. Carl Lewis 5. Pele 6. Satchel Paige 7. Serena and Venus Williams 8. Jerry Rice/Randy Moss 9. John Carlos/Tommie Smith 10. Mike Tyson
:06 Speaking of historical greatness, a big congrats goes out to Westinghouse High School for pulling off a back to back this past weekend winning the boys and girls City League basketball titles and a big “way to go man!” to my long time partners, Frank Duck and “Reggie” for keeping the Bulldog’s history alive and for printing the t-shirts and “giving” them away…that’s right, I said giving!!! Ruff Ruff!
:05 Oh yeah, you know I was gonna do this list.  Here’s the biggest fools in Black sports history: 1. Rae Carruth 2. O.J. Simpson 3. “Tiger” and all them women 4. Oscar Pistorius (Mother Land connection) 5. Lance Armstrong (special write-in vote) 6. Plaxico Burress 7. All the Baseball druggies (Too many to mention) 8. Adam “Pac-Man” Jones 9. Ron Artest (not Metta “World” Peace) 10. Mike Tyson (makes both lists) 11. Jayson Williams 12. Michael Vick 13. Hector “Macho” Camacho 14. Riddick Bowe 15. Larry Bethea
:04 Here’s some Black History for ya. Kevin Cameron lasted one week with his predictions.  And that one has not happened yet. Not as easy as it looks huh Kev?
:03 Champion Enterprises, Rayco “War” Promotions and Five Starr Corporation still making history…“Harlem Nights” opening night a huge success.  Coming at ya again Friday, March 29.  Dress it up!!
:02 My No. 1 greatest ever Black sports event…Ali vs. Frazier—“The Thriller in Manilla”
:01 In closing out this special edition, remember, we, as a people, are special and our sports achievements are historical and unprecedented. “We are people, mighty people, mighty people of the sun.  In our hearts lie all the answers of the truth we can’t run from.”—Earth, Wind & Fire

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