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Smokedout of the “Official 100% ZaggiN” is a solo artist that has taken the mainstream by storm. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, he understood the chances of making it in the rap game were against the odds, yet he stuck his chest out, kept his head up, and gained fans all over the world. His music is hot and he would be a good fit for any major label. He is a hard worker who takes his work seriously.
“I’ve always listened to hip-hop music such as Biggie and Tupac, but I never wrote any music because I was affiliated with the gangs back in the day,” said Smokedout. “My cousin Black Tone was the artist who I looked up to, but because he was in and out of jail, I started writing music and fell in love with it.”
“I got into hip-hop because of my cousin Black Tone in 2005 was rapping and I always liked music. I always felt that he was the hottest in Pittsburgh. One hundred percent Zaggin is the movement and the camp which consist of McKeesport, East Hills and we even have something going on with others from New Orleans. I did one track and everyone loved it and from that point on I knew what I had to do,” he said.
The name 100% Zaggin is letting everyone know that his camp is coming at you 100 percent with the best music, production and artists and being the best that they can be, he said. He is not subject to do one type of track, beat, music, voice because he collaborates with everyone and has never recorded in one studio.
“Even though we have our camp, we are all doing our own thing which is great,” he continued. “Hip-hop music made me get out of the gangs and God blessed me with hip-hop music to really want to wake up in the morning and go to the studio and look forward to the next week to lay a track.”
He turned his hobby into a career and said it is great to take something that was in his mind and bring it to life. There is no greater feeling than that, he said.
“It is ridiculous how some artist can say anything over a hot beat and make millions while the rest of us with real lyrics are still grinding. There are rules and regulations to this hip-hop game and a lot of people are taking it for granted. They need to be thankful to God for their blessings.”
He has collaborated with others from McKeesport, Hill District and Homewood. In the next five years he can see himself running his own music label.
“You have to be very careful who you share your information with because some will try to steal your ideas,” he said. “I have Shorty and other artists under me that is about to shock the world. I want the public to feel good about my music and if it makes people feel good, that’s all that counts for me. When you love to do something, everything will fall in place and God will testify to that. I have fans they have much love for me and I respect that to the fullest.”
If you want to get into the industry, just keep grinding and don’t give up, he said. Where a person comes from don’t mean anything and how old they are doesn’t mean anything. “We’re not going anywhere and we appreciate all of the blessings we receive,” concluded Smokedout.
Smokedout has several CDs and a great fan base., 8CUTRECORDS.COM, are websites where his music can be checked. 

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