(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: I was out on a date and the female I was with said I attacked her. She had bruises on her forehead and chin. Just before being stopped by the police, I lost control of my car and ran off the road. Her bruises came from the accident and not from me. I had to serve five years in prison. When I was released I went to a party and instead of going home to my wife, I stopped by a lady’s house I had met a few months prior. She lived two blocks from the location of the party. I fell asleep on her couch. When I opened my eyes, there again were cops all over the place. The lady claimed I raped her. I didn’t. I might be sent back to prison if I can’t prove I am innocent.
What should I do? I think I am going to give up on women. As a result, I want my wife to divorce me. She also doubts my innocence.—Robert
Dear Robert:
Let me tell you this: It seems you are constantly getting into trouble because you have chosen the wrong friends. Try to mingle with people who are positive thinkers, people who work for a living, and stop being around people who make no effort to sacrifice for what they desire. You don’t have to commit a crime, but just being with others who commit the crime, you also go up the river. Although, we know the story: Many men and women are incarcerated who did nothing wrong.
In reading your letter you stated that a lady accused you of rape. You said you fell asleep and didn’t feel like going home. Therefore, since this lady lived close to where the party was, you chose to go there. Robert, you should have gone home to your wife. Even if you were too impaired to drive yourself, you should have gotten someone to drive you. Men appear to be “empty headed.” They fail to think anything will go wrong. This is a cruel word Robert. Think about it.  When a married man goes everywhere except home to his wife—trouble follows.
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