I used to wonder why so many people where inviting me to play games with them via Facebook. Now I see, this is madness. I can’t see where there is any personal gain in playing the games. The only gain seems to be for the companies that run the banner ads and whoever is trying to get me to buy more time to play the game after I have run out of free time or moves.
One of the things that hooks you are the hypnotic tunes that are played and the words of encouragement that flash on the screen, sweet, divine and sugar crush. But I’m not gaining anything, no hand/eye coordination, no money, just points and bragging rights. Precious time is being wasted. I can see playing these games when you are stuck in an airport or perhaps riding a bus or train, but you better have your charger handy because these games quickly run down your batteries.
I think you should be able to earn free smart phone use or if you gain so many points you can break your contract. In the meantime after I complete level 24 I quit.
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