(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:
My wife and I have been married for 10 years. When we met, she had two boys and one girl, all teens. I was living in a group home setting and she had her own low-rent apartment. We did not live together until marriage. From the beginning, her family liked me and her children were respectful. We were one big happy family.
This is the problem: About two years ago, I bought her a computer. She would stay on the computer from sunup to sundown. When I received a big promotion on my job, I told her she didn’t have to work. However, buying the computer was a mistake. She apparently got on one of those chat lines and met a man. After corresponding with him for over a year, she left me. Then after being gone for six months, she begged me to take her back—but after three months, she left again.
Gwendolyn, I feel she only married me to help raise her children. I was good to her. I purchased for her a house, a car, and a truck. I need for you to explain why women mistreat good men.—Ross
Dear Ross:
Let’s not put it so broadly. All women do not mistreat a man. Before giving you my opinion, I think you have part of your statement wrong. From the age of her children, she definitely did not marry you to become a father figure. The hardest part had already been conquered (daycare, clothing, food/shelter).
Ross, too often a man falls in love not realizing the woman does not feel the same. Women have a tendency to marry a man they don’t love—in hopes of falling in love later. They follow the advice of others instead of following their heart. People are quick to persuade a woman to marry a man they consider as being a “good catch.” But you know…marriage is not like fishing.  When men are considered a good catch, they usually always prove not to be worthy and, like a fish, should be thrown—back into the water.
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