(NNPA)—“That’s what the world is today.” So says the Motown hit sung by Edwin Star and later by the Temptations. The description still applies today but for different reasons. This confusion or chaos is coming at us like a freight train. Let’s examine some of the reasons.
The violence in our cities is at an all-time high. The city of Chicago leads the way in this show of hatred and lack of value for human life. Funny, you cannot buy a gun in the Chicago city limits but they are everywhere. As many so called or self-appointed Black leaders scream about this madness, they seem to miss or ignore the big reason. It is really very simple. The amount of violence or murder of our youth comes from drugs wars or turf wars both perpetrated by street gangs. The existence of street gangs and all the ills that go with it is directly correlated to the amount of corruption within the law enforcement agencies. They could lock up the leadership of these gangs and dealers within a month. Drugs and violence is a business to some and right now business is great.
Our “leaders” also cry for more entitlements, AKA welfare, Medicaid, food stamps, etc. That is not what we need. The aforementioned things poison the soul, kill ambition and destroy the Black family unit. What we need are jobs and there is only one way to get jobs — create them through entrepreneurship. Small business is the best creator of jobs, which brings paychecks to households and motivates accountability and inspires ambition and dreams. Our families are busted up — where’s daddy? Baby mamas are expected to cover all the bases. The Black segment of our population needs new, young and progressive leaders who are totally dedicated to returning us back to greatness.

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