(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:
Last week my sister told me that my ex-wife was getting married again. She informed my sister she will be changing her name from my name to her new husband’s name—and that he plans to adopt my son.
This is the problem: I don’t care if my wife marries and remarries many times, but she does not need to change her name. This is why: We have a 2-year-old son and his name needs to stay my name. I must admit I was not a good husband. I cheated on my wife with women of the street who had no morals and common sense. It does not matter what wrong I did. The fact is my son’s last name and my ex-wife’s last name should be the same. I don’t have money to give him due to my addiction, but I can give him my name.—Camden
Dear Camden:
Your name is not good enough. And to the fact you cheated on your wife and see nothing too much wrong with that—makes you not worthy of your name being carried down. You are not one of the Kings of England where your name would go from generation to generation (e.g. Camden the III, Camden the IV, Camden the V, and so on). You are just the average Joe so don’t make me laugh.
What type of addiction do you have other than “sex addiction?” You know…sex addition was formed merely to get money from the stars (celebrities). Actually, there is no such thing.
Camden, society years ago did react in an ignorant way saying a child needs a name. It was not the name that helped children grow into sound minded happy adults. Think about it. It was—their parents’ love.
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