(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: For the past two years my husband has been glued to his computer.  His mother gave him the money to buy it. Although, when I asked his mother to buy a computer for our three school-aged children, she said no.
I am a stay-at-home mom and cannot contribute financially to the family’s needs. My children go to the library quite frequently because my husband does not allow them to use his computer. Girl, you are going to be proud of me.  When they had a neighborhood yard sale, I sold his computer for $15. Now his mother does not have money to purchase for him another computer. I could have gotten more money for it, but I was angry and wanted to put it into the trash. However, $15 will buy for me and my children a soda and sandwich off the dollar menu.  Now he can’t cheat because he can’t get on-line.—Betty Jo.
Dear Betty Jo:
Gee, your name is from back in the day for real.  I am proud to know that someone kept some of the heritage of country folks by naming their precious little girl—Betty Jo.
Allow me to brief you on your financial situation. Many stay-at-home moms are making tons of money working from home. Let me tell you this: You should have been stronger and not allowed your husband to have three children in school and not the use of his computer. Our young people are missing out on education which starts in the home. That’s why we are experiencing so much crime because our young people’s knowledge is down, way down. Get a job or start your own home-based business so that your children will not be left behind. Education is the key and some children not of their fault don’t have it.
Betty Jo, your efforts were in vain. Selling your husband’s computer will not keep him from cheating.  Think about it.  Men don’t have to own a computer to find a woman.  They meet them anywhere and everywhere.  Since he cannot get on-line, then all he will do is—go off-line.
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