Wow, what a terrible group, a group that actually instills values and morals into developing kids based on the principles of Christianity. These are the values that makes remote that a child reared with the values of the Boy Scouts of America will become a non-productive member of society. They teach children that there is a right and a wrong; there are things that are legal, but yet not moral; that the Bible is a great guiding, moral book to base one’s behavior on.
As opposed to constantly trying to destroy the BSA because they have moral objections to homosexuality; why do they not start their own group to indoctrinate the youth into their desired sexual preferences?
They can call their group HIM and HERS. Homosexual Indoctrination of Males (HIM) and Homosexual Enlightenment Regarding She-males (HERS). They are free, as a private organization, to create any rules of membership they choose. And yes, they can discriminate against heterosexuals who stand for Christian values.
I am sick and tired of Christians apologizing for their beliefs. The BSA is not anti-homosexual, but is pro-Christian. I, nor should the BSA, will not apologize for my beliefs and values. I, nor should the BSA, change their values in order to make others feel good.
I find it amazing that the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) never opens their mouth when homosexuals discriminate against heterosexuals. Tonya Parker, a Black, homosexual elected judge in Dallas County, Texas, refuses to marry heterosexual couples until she can legally marry. “I do not perform them because it is not an equal application of the law. Period,” she said. I guess the HRC has laryngitis when it comes to discrimination from within their community.
The homosexual agenda has little to do with the BSA, they are just a convenient target; and more to do about them forcing society to accept their personal lifestyle choices. They are free to set up any type of private club they want and indoctrinate anyone who chooses to join.
We, who believe in Christian values, have an obligation to take a principled stand in support of organizations such as the BSA and not leave them to fight this battle alone.
I will be making a personal contribution to the BSA and strongly encourage you to do the same. If not us, who? If not now, when?
(Raynard Jackson is president & CEO of Raynard Jackson & Associates, LLC., a Washington, D.C.-based public relations/government affairs firm. He can be reached through his Web site, You can also follow him on Twitter at raynard1223.)

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