:10 As you all know, I am certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer or the brightest bulb in the socket…ok, you get my drift, and you don’t have to agree so quickly…anyway, here’s my point, eight…count ‘em, eight NFL head coaching jobs opened up at the end of the regular season, not to mention several prominent administrative positions and several coordinator spots and “They”—Did—Not—Hire—One—minority (aka Black man!).
“They” threw out the Rooney rule, the majority rule, the rule of thumb, the No. 1 rule, Robert’s rule of order, all the rules, and then “they” would have you believe that “they” were looking for offensive minded coaches.  The only thing offensive about that way of thinking…is that way of thinking!! And you know who I am starting to blame?  Not just the owners, not just the general managers, and not just the commissioner.  It’s time to start blaming the players. Eighty-three percent of the NFL are Black players.  They…NOT Them, need to step up and make some demands. C’mon man!
:09 Just a question for ya, and I’m just askin’. You know how you always see the people along the road holding signs for close-outs and stores going out of business?  Why…why…why are the sign holders always Black guys. No matter how hot or cold it is outside, rain or shine, they’re there. Why can’t “They” hold a sign sometime?  I’m just sayin!!
:08 You know you kill me with that short memory thing of yours. Don’t act like you didn’t “Dance to the Music,” don’t act like you didn’t “Want to get Higher,” and please don’t pretend like you didn’t have “Hot Fun in the Summer Time!” Yep, you remember Sly and the Family Stone and the great Larry Graham and Graham Central Station. Now you get me. Pull out that good old school music and remember, “It’s a Family Affair.”
:07 I’m having a hard time trying to figure out why “They” keep talking about Ray Lewis and the crime he was not found guilty of.  But “they” never bring up the crime that Big Ben Roethlisberger was not found guilty of. Hello!
:06 Here’s the movie review you know and love…yes you do…yes you do! Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new movie, Last Stand…should be Arnold’s last movie. Do—Not—Go—See—It! This is a first time ever…no basketballs, no stars, nothing!
:05 Ok, tell me again why the NFL plays the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl? Yet the league can’t seem to figure out why no one takes the game seriously. The best players are obviously not playing. They’re – in—the—Super—Bowl—mmmaaannn!!!
:04 Sometimes I try to find a way to be diplomatic and professional when I want to get a message to some of you Sho nuff country brothers.  But on this one, there’s no easy way around it. So here goes. If you put a blanket over your car’s engine when it gets really cold…guess what? The blanket gets as cold as the engine in two minutes. I mean what are you thinking? The blanket ain’t plugged into anything.

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