I thought the Inauguration was over but I guess I was wrong. I’m so tired of the did she or didn’t she debate over Beyoncé’s performance. Who cares? She showed up, she held the microphone and she performed. Typically big stars do not do live in big venues like that. It just doesn’t work. Didn’t the people hear what “Re-Re” said? Miss Franklin explained it perfectly, you have to be prepared for the elements when you are performing outdoors.
I was more concerned with what was going on around the performers. It seemed like everyone was a lot more comfortable during this second Inauguration. The first daughters were talking to the young man behind them with the high top fade. Who was he and how did he get such a good seat? Perhaps he was related to their uncle, Craig Robinson (Michelle’s brother).  I even saw the girls doing a little dance.
Not only has the lip sync debate been a hot topic, but so has FLOTUS rolling her eyes at the luncheon. Reportedly she was rolling her eyes because someone asked the President if he had a chance to go out and smoke. Interesting I thought he quit. Maybe that is why he was chewing that gum so fiercely during the parade. Around that same time I caught FLOTUS giving her head a good scratch. The camera quickly pulled away. Did anyone else see that? I thought it was funny. I noticed that she, her mom and the girls seemed to leave the viewing booth possibly to get ready for the ball later that night. I loved her coat, the gloves the belt and the fitted boots, and I appreciate that she will mix pieces from different designers. Also, she is not afraid to wear an outfit twice and even has her daughters doing it and the older one is handing down some of her outfits. That is how real people live. You can’t have something new every time you walk out of the door.
If you remember, I was pretty tough on the first gown Lady O wore in 2009, that was the white Jason Wu with the one shoulder. This year she returned in another Jason Wu in red. A lot of people said they loved what she wore, but let’s be serious. Haven’t you seen her in so many gowns that looked so much better? My point exactly, I don’t even think the style was unique; I’ve seen that halter style with that keyhole somewhere else before. I really thought she left the viewing booth early to change her hairstyle. I see she did flip it a little.  But I expected a more dramatic change.
The bottom line is I so enjoyed watching the whole day of festivities from the warmth of my home, where I had quick access to food and bathrooms. To me it was the perfect way to spend the MLK holiday. I’m happy to have the Obamas back in the White House for four more years.
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